Welcome to the Kotahi community. Below are some of the community members that are actively engaged in the Kotahi community. We meet regularly to work on the project. If you would like to join us then there is a discussion list here. Warning! : Only kind folks need join!

Adam Hyde (New Zealand)

Kotahi Community Facilitator

Coko Founder and Manager, Adam has worked in publishing for the past 14 years. Adam has also founded Pagedjs, Book Sprints, Booktype, FLOSS Manuals and other projects.

Dione Mentis (South Africa)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Dione is the Coko Technical Manager with a keen interest in optimising open-access production workflows and content development.

Paul Shannon (UK)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Paul is Head of Technology at eLife and leads the team building He has been involved in open source software for some years and started collaborating with open scholarly infrastructure communities in 2016, bringing his experience in lean and XP software development to the conversation.

Lesley Anson (UK)

Kotahi User

Lesley is the Executive Director of Science Colab; a nascent open knowledge ecosystem driven by the scholarly community. She originally trained as a neuroscientist and biophysicist before spending over 16 years as an editor at Nature journals and then founding an editorial and publishing consultancy.

Hannah Drury (UK)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Hannah is a Product Manager with eLife Sciences. She is currently building Sciety, a tool for navigating the preprint landscape.

Venu Prasad Menon (India)

Kotahi Publishing Services Advisor

Head of Publishing Services & Solutions of Amnet Systems. Seasoned techno commercial professional with more than 2 decades of experience. He is on a mission to simplify content creation, curation and production using effective and disruptive technology and frameworks.

Gayathri Doraiswami (India)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Gayathri is the Senior Vice President - Technology & Digital Transformation for publishing services provider Amnet Systems with 23 years of strategic leadership and over a decade experience building and delivering disruptive solutions for global publishing clients across US, Europe, and the UK.

Omo Oaiya (Nigeria)

Kotahi Publishing Advisor

Omo Oaiya is the Chief Strategy Officer of the West and Central Research and Education Network (WACREN). He leads LIBSENSE which brings together African research and education networks and academic library communities to advance Open Science in Africa and foster the continent’s participation in Open Access globally.

Owen Iyoha (Nigeria)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Owen is the CEO of the Eko-Konnect Research and Education Initiative. He oversees the infrastructure development and capacity building for the growth of the national research and education network (NREN). He is a strong advocate of open paradigms to drive research and scholarly output in Nigeria.

Tonya White

Kotahi User

Editor-in-Chief of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping Journal. Tonia completed her PhD at the Erasmus University in September 2010.

Dr Jean-Baptiste (JB) Poline

Kotahi User

Associate Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University. Dr. Poline is a leading researcher in the fields of fMRI, imaging genetics research, and the neuroinformatics technologies that make a big-data approach to neuroscience possible.

Silva Arapi (Albania)

Kotahi Hosting and Deployment Advisor

Silva has been active in the Free Software movement since 2015. Silva is one of the co-founders of, working to build a sustainable company which makes the use of open source digital infrastructure easy and convenient.

Redon Skikuli (Albania)

Kotahi Hosting and Deployment Advisor

Redon does business development at With almost a decade of experience in open source communities, Redon is now focused on helping small and medium teams to host and manage Kotahi as easy as possible.

Alison McGonagle-O'Connell (USA)

Kotahi Publishing Advisor

Alison has worked in Scholarly Publishing for 18+ years. Alison specializes in publishing technology, and is passionate about integrating transparency and sustainability using modern infrastructure to support knowledge production and sharing.

Dan Morgan (USA)

Kotahi Publishing Advisor

Dan has worked in scholarly publishing and open science for 18+ years and is currently Director of Communications & Community Relations at PLOS. He is dedicated to simple and effective communication (see bio

Andrew Smeall (UK/USA)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Andrew Smeall is the Chief Strategy Officer at Hindawi Limited, an open access journal publisher. He has led a variety of growth and technology projects for Hindawi, including the development of Phenom, a free and open source journal publishing platform.

Ivo Verbeek (Netherlands)

Kotahi Solution Provider

Ivo is a Solution Provider in Publishing, focusing on Open Access publishing activities and the transition to Open Access. Solutions include System Integration, Services as well as free, open source Tools. Ivo is Director for Appetence and co-founder at Peerwith.

Yuri Vorontsov (Netherlands)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Yuri is responsible for integration of a Kotahi backbone system, with Peerwith.Systems tools and services, resulting in a full-featured publishing platform for Diamond OA journals.

Agathe Baëz (France)

Kotahi Designer

Agathe is a graphic designer passionate about books, paper and printing. She also likes to play with web languages to design digital and printed publications. Agathe designed the wonderful Kotahi logo.

Jure Triglav (Slovenia)

Kotahi Technical Advisor

Jure wrote Cokos PubSweet framework and devoted many months to Kotahi development.

John Chodacki (USA)

Kotahi Publishing Advisor

Director, University of California Curation Center (UC3) at California Digital Library.

Sidorela Uku (Albania)

Kotahi QA Engineer

Coko's talented QA Engineer.

Ryan Dix-Peek (South Africa)

Kotahi Project Manager

Ryan joined Coko with 10 years experience in edtech, creating content and working with leaner management systems. Ryan leads the project management of Kotahi.

Ben Whitmore (New Zealand)

Kotahi Lead Developer

Ben has a background in document automation using machine categorization, natural language processing and similarity detection. Ben is Cokos lead developer for Kotahi.

Yannis Barlas (Greece)

Kotahi Developer

Cokos Lead Developer. Yannis has worked on various parts of Kotahi including upgrading the deployment options.

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