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23 Jul 2021, 09:20

Email notifications added to control panel

This week we introduced the ability to send customized email notifications from the control panel.

The Biophysics-Colab team wanted to reach out to authors notifying them that an article they have published is being considered for peer review. In support of this request, the notification subsystem will store email templates, offering editors/system administrators the option to select an email notification template and designate a receiver.

If the user is not yet registered in the system an email containing a special link (token) will pair the new user with the manuscript upon log in to Kotahi. Notifications sent from the system will be recorded and displayed as log entries in the control panel 'Editorial discussion' chat window.

Again, we've designed this solution to be as flexible as possible to suit as many of our current use cases as possible.

19 Jul 2021, 02:36

Form builder enhanced to support manuscript table filtering

We added dropdown filtering to the manuscripts view this week. Here's a bit more information on how we used Kotahi's form builder to implement the solution.

The form builder captures all imported or submitted manuscript metadata, author submission and peer review contribution.

The form builder is accessed by clicking on the Forms link in the menu. Form fields are highly configurable. Here's an example; we recently added DOI validation as an advanced settings option in support of eLife's evaluation workflow.

The form builder also integrates with Wax, Coko's premium web-based word processor. Text captured in form fields can be formatted and styled with the HTML retained for publishing purposes.

This week on the NCRC instance we've enhanced the form builder in support of triage making the ‘Topic’, ‘Status’ and ‘Label’ form fields accessible as dropdown menus on the Manuscripts page. This allows editors to easily filter and sort the imported article list for review, or locate articles by state that require action.

Here are a few other features we added in support of triage;

-API integration; articles can be imported from bioRxiv (medRxiv), Pubmed and soon EuropePMC.

-Manuscripts page; clicking on 'select' assigns a label.

-Manuscripts page; selecting 'bulk delete' allows editors to easily remove articles from the Manuscripts list. These articles although deleted, still remain in the database.

In NCRC's existing system; importing, filtering, sorting and selecting articles was a major time-waster for the team. Kotahi not only solved this problem but using the form builder, the solution is robust enough to support future use cases as well.

11 Jul 2021, 20:58

Aperture is joining the Kotahi community!

We are happy to announce that Aperture is joining the Kotahi community!

Today we are very happy to announce that Aperture – An Open Publishing Platform of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping – is joining the Kotahi community.

Aperture is an open-access peer-reviewed online publishing platform powered by the Organization for Human Brain Mapping to share and promote research beyond the traditional PDF and enhance, innovate, and advance neuroscience. Aperture publishes articles (research reports and reviews) and other research objects, including tutorials, workshops, processing pipelines, software, simulations, computational notebooks, and datasets.

We have known the Aperture folks for many years and we are very happy that they are joining the Kotahi community and have chosen Kotahi for their publishing platform.

Kotahi is a community as much as it is a publishing platform, and we welcome the kind people at Aperture to this growing community. The community drives Kotahi and we look forward to the new ideas and energy Aperture brings to the table.

Stay tuned for more updates!

10 Jul 2021, 01:00

New news page

This page added to Kotahi today. More news to come!

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