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Kotahi aims to provide your teams with scalable and adaptable workflows while delivering beautiful content to your readers. Kotahi continuously adds new features, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

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Built to the latest publishing standards

Kotahi - the future of publishing. Built with the latest standards, our single-source publishing model saves you time and maximizes innovation opportunities. All content is fully accessible to data-mining and indexing services, and our workflows and content are optimized for publishing to the web and third-party services like CrossRef and PubMed. Learn more about how Kotahi can revolutionize your publishing game.

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Flexible integrations

Take your content to the next level with Kotahi. Our use of standards and commonly used technologies means your content is easily accessible to developers, whether you need a third-party service integration like payment processors or a separate mobile application. Plus, our event-driven architecture, plugins, and open software practices make integration with other services, like video and text chat and AI-powered tools, a breeze. Don't settle for less - choose Kotahi for seamless content integration.

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Developed and tested to meet the highest software quality standards

Kotahi prioritizes quality software development from start to finish. We follow industry best practices like test-driven development, automated testing, and continuous integration, ensuring that quality is kept to the highest standards. And with our commitment to being open in everything we do, you can trust that we're always striving to deliver the best. Using open source technologies, we follow the best available development practices for distributed systems. Experience the difference with Kotahi.

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Modern online user experience

Kotahi works with you and your community, everywhere they are. Balancing elegance with accessibility, Our optimised article layouts are designed for readability and accessibility.

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Standards compliant systems built for anyone

Ready to streamline your publishing workflow? Kotahi is the open-source system you've been looking for. Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing publishing infrastructure at every stage of the process - from writing and editing to proofing metadata and articles. Plus, with a configurable and user-friendly system that uses interfaces similar to standard word processors, collaborating with authors and publishers has never been easier. Try Kotahi today and experience the power of seamless publishing.

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Who is involved

At Kotahi, we believe in the power of collaboration. We're proud to bring together multiple organizations and stakeholders who share our vision of building an open-source publishing toolset. Our partners include eLife, Amnet, Aperture, BioPhysics CoLab, Sciety, Novo Coronavirus Research Compendium (NCRC), and many others. Together, we're working to create a publishing system that is flexible, scalable, and accessible to all. Join us in our mission and become part of the Kotahi community today.

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Driven by you, built by the community, flexible and modern.

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