The following features are built into Kotahi 1.0. To see your feature ideas added to Kotahi join the Kotahi community!


Kotahi means 'unified' in Māori (we are grateful to iwi for allowing us to use the term). Be part of the Kotahi movement - join the community conversation to improve how research is shared and explore exciting new ways of publishing.

Multiple Workflows

Kotahi supports multiple workflows including the submission, peer review and publishing of everything from preprints, micropubs, journals, and books to exciting new types of publishing!

Design your own review process

Create the open, blind, double blind review process of your choice. Choose if reviewers have individual reviews or can collaborate on a shared review.

Edit articles in the browser

Edit or author articles in the browser! Kotahi uses the state fo the art Wax web-based word processor. Track Changes, annotations, math, grammar checks etc all supported!

Realtime updates and chat

Kotahi is built to get the best from web collaboration and supports realtime notifications, chat, synchronized updates and more!


Versioning is supported so you can easily check changes to a submission.

Host anywhere

Host Kotahi in your own organisation to protect your data, or host it with a third party hosting provider. The choice is yours!

Ready to Integrate

Integrate with other publishing systems. Kotahi has a full featured API and various adapters are available for DB integrations.

Open Source

Open Source means you own it forever. No license costs. No vendor lock in. Yours, forever.

Built for innovation

Kotahi is ready for your innovations and purposely designed to be a highly modular and extensible system. The Kotahi community welcomes innovators!

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